Hoarding - digital & real life

Yes to hoarding books — up 'til 2007, when we unloaded 14 cases of books before moving to our current home. Even so on our shelves to this day - THREE different copies of 'Middlemarch', THREE of 'Lolita', and 5 or so Collected Works of Shakespeare that I can still rationalize with quasi-scholarishness.

Yes to hoarding magazines - SPY, Q, Rolling Stone from when I subscribed from '87-'91. Also ditched in 2007 upon realizing society was not going to rely on MY collection to reconstitute pop culture. Though I sustained a hope the kids would come across this trove and be impressed by their hip dad who would let them tear into all this stuff for their authentic/ironic study/collage projects.

Yes(ish) to hoarding DVDs and CDs. Sometimes go months between getting new movies or music, though. Not feeling sheepish here.

Yes to hoarding VHS tapes of tv miscellany. Got halfway through digitizing them this past year. Lots of phenomenal morsels, but my eye and mind when appraising the crate full of them is getting cooler and more severe.

Yes(ish) to hoarding email from the early 90s onward. Haven't read them in decades, actually, since they were current. Oh, when email was new! "Whoah, I can type words on the Mac Plus, and this telephone wire in the back running along this janky carpet will send these words to my friend in Texas? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE. WITCH! WIIIITCCH!"

No to hoarding cats, though our dog looks at the two cats and disagrees.

No to hoarding old letters - in a very modest box is a collection of damning and charming letters from the 80s and 90s to serve as a reality check when my own spawn roil in dating intrigues and frustrations of COSMIC IMPORTANCE.