Fuck you, Apple, I'm STILL not going by "@me.com"

Long, long time ago ...

I bought a ".Mac" account. An easy way to create webpages, online slideshows, share files, have online storage space, download free software/updates. Didn't use it a LOT, but it was neat when those services were rare. Oh, yeah, and I had @mac.com as my email address.

Sure, it became my junk email account immediately for online signups. But, whatever. Felt a hokey having an email address that identified me as part of a brand lifestyle. Was there ever a "@tacobellchalupa.com" email address? Again, whatever.

Then three or so years ago, Apple transitioned naming their service from ".Mac" to "Mobile Me". Worse? email addresses would transition from "@mac.com" to "@me.com".

Even a RAVING narcissist as myself was revolted. Sure, in theory it was part of a "Hey, sharing and caring using Apple products and our online services ain't about US here at Apple, it's about YOU, your life, claim it! Show the world online more about ME. I mean, er, YOU, but USE 'me'. Hold up: what marketing numbskull wrote this hack copy?"

Now, I know demographic research into the rising generations show decreasing sense of guardedness about security, greater inclination to share with peers, propensity to seek approval of authority. Hasn't been MY experience with Gen Y or Echo generation or whatever. Have met too many future ornery old cusses (hooray for that!) so I tend to review these PowerPoint Purveyors of generational labels with skepticism. Distrust of authority. Refusal to engage in constructive thought or genuine emotion. You know, like all Gen Xers.

Just letting you know, Apple and Google bots (and, to show sensitivity to minorities, Bing bots), that I will use "@mac.com" as long as possible. Well, okay, for junk. But it's the PRINCIPLE, man!