Sleepy woman versus a hot dog

Didn't laugh at this so much as relate. Most every meal I have is a contest of wills between my hand and my head as to which will compromise the most. Sometimes my hand doesn't WANT to be the appeaser. Sometimes it sticks up for itself and goes "Hey, head. How about you meet me halfway every once in a while instead of 10-15% of the way?" My head will be all like, "Hey, fuck that. I'm the head and I run you!" And the hand will sometimes go "Oh, okay." and cave in. Every once in a while it'll reply "I don't care if you get any food or beverage. I don't have any taste buds. Hardly anything in it for me."

This dialog usually happens on lunch breaks, and I do the voices both for the hand and the head. And before you're all like "Heh, awkward!" — know that my hand and head usually get applause at the end because they are both that damned entertaining and awesome.

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