Fanny pandering w/ Marky Mark

Fanny Chicken: tv spot #1 because it mentions stealing Calvins. Dig the Rick Astley dance moves!

And tv spot #2, which is even funnier and QUITE the period piece. "Cuz they don't make the hype shawrts." "They fit good and they hold, hold me snug [cut to crotch grab]." "Oh, she got fweckles." Also: more Rick Astley dance moves!

Back in the day (rapping with the kids on these here internets) who would have guessed this meathead would end up a decent actor and highly accomplished producer?

In retrospect, he does show good wit and self-awareness. But that's only in hindsight. Back then? MEATHEAD!

Would pay $1 for a recording of all that was going on in Kate Moss' head. Okay, $5.