Dan Savage on 'Colbert' & Marriage & Monogamy

Dan Savage was on The Colbert Report last week (only catching up to episodes now) to talk about marriage for same-sex couples, marriage's history as a conveyance of property, and monogamy. It was a good platform. His Savage Love podcast makes for great weekly listening (funny, righteous political anger, incisive wit), and the book he has been evangelizing, Sex at Dawn, is an eye-opener on how we as a society should be more pragmatic about human nature and happiness and less hypocritical in public (and especially, to my mind, the media). Still smarting that Anthony Weiner, who touched no one that we know of, felt forced to resign when known prostitute (legalize it!) clients were still on the floor of Congress unperturbed.

The guy sitting behind Colbert is his longtime comedy buddy Paul Dinello playing "my Building Manager Tad" a Heterosexual Accountability Buddy, making fun of the Bachmans' gay reparative therapy horrorshow. Any-hoo, an amusing, fast-moving comedy bit:

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Dan Savage
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