Summer's Eve & vagina pride

Lots of commentary about a new series of Summer's Eve ads with distinctly ethnic voices. Some people are shocked at the relative bluntness, others at the spots targeted to different ethnicities (presumably - could be a "look at us, we're multicultural!" play to United Colors of Bennetton-susceptible demographics, too).

The approach is new, but the content isn't that daring. The word "vagina" doesn't appear in the Latina and Black ones. I'm all for vagina/uteral pride, there needs to be more of it, so no big deal there. The content isn't anything that most ladies aren't capable of sharing after 1-2 glasses of wine.

A few comments have been: "How dare they imply all vaginas are stinky!" These are ads from a company selling douches. Toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrush ads don't get by assuring us everything is fine in our mouths. No big deal there, either.

Others have commented on racial stereotyping. Not sure there. Certainly people with accents like these voice overs are all over the place. Wonder how many complaining about racial stereotypes actually are Latinas or Blacks, and not people over-reaching and showingly getting offended on behalf of ethnicities that don't really care?

Glad Señor Wences isn't around to see the talking hands. Dated reference. Money shots:

The Latina ad:

The Black ad:

The Cracker ad:

V, out, my viggas!