I like fast food, but am a snob about it. Disney has good fast food

Scanning recent photos, came across this one of my meal at Pinocchio Village Haus in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World from April. It was late at night, and work stuff (really!) kept me and a buddy occupied and we didn't enter the park until 6:00 p.m. or so. We scurried around from ride to ride, hitting a bad streak of 3 or 4 rides delayed or broken as we were in line. It's a Small World broke the streak and was smooth sailing on its brackish waters (WDW's version SO underwhelming compared to Disneyland's).

I'm a wuss about needing to eat, so it was unusual to have waited until 9 or so. But I was particular about what I wanted after our leisure stress, psychoemotional reversion to childhood, and hunger: Coke, chicken nuggets, French fries, apple slices. BAM!

Chicken nuggets devoured, ate about half the French fries, drank 1/3 the soda pop (HATE diet, but I can rarely bring myself to consume 12 oz. of pop nowadays. The era of guzzling 44 oz. like a Viking returned from the surface of the sun long past) and all of the apples (are ya proud, mom?). It was tasty and stupid expensive but I loved it and we got outta there and jumped back into the fray and kept rolling through the late hours until park closing.

Yes, I'm getting emotional about this meal. When I bond with something, it's stronger than steel. I wish there were some necromancy that would allow me to summon this meal once more and eat the fuck out of it.

Not 100% sure I had the ranch dressing with the chicken nuggets, but since it's only us I'll go ahead and guess that I did.