'Neath Neil Sedaka

During a morning walk, a turn of brain had me switch from the audiobook for A Dance with Dragons (why, Roy Dotrice, must you lose track of your character voices from book to book?) to the two songs on my iPod by Neil Sedaka.

I know he's recorded a lot more songs in his long career. I recall an odd love duet with his daughter. What trips me out about "Calendar Girl" and "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" is the forced cherubism. "Though sad inside, I shall for the sake of commerce and Tin Pan Alley heave a superhuman effort into PROJECTING MIRTH THOUGH ITS FORCE MAY REND TIME/SPACE ASUNDER!"

Let's focus on his shout out to "December" in "Calendar Girl". He uses the word "'neath". He could have used "beneath" and it would have still flowed. But no, he formally sat at a table, wrote the word "'neath" on the music sheet and thought "How winningly informal and crafty. I shall keep it."

He gives out a "Whoo!" at the start of the bridge (at 1:26 in the clip below) that is hilarious. "Holy Christmas on a cracker, I got so much groove I don't know what to do but whoop in exultation!"

Drafting this on my phone, its AutoCorrect suggested "Meat" for "Neil", "Defamation" for "Sedaka", "Shop" for "Whoo". Good summary, phone! Somewhere out there my smartphone has a funnier, more concise blog than mine.