In defense of palooka Billy Joel

I have no idea whether Billy Joel has recorded an album in the last thirty years. The Billy Joel I know has a weird chip on his shoulder about being disrespected by critics in the late 70s and 80s for, I guess, not being Paul Simon?

New York already has a Paul Simon. It only needs the one Paul Simon. I don't see Billy Joel falling into a sustained melancholy like Paul Simon, or at least ENJOYING the melancholy like Paul Simon. I would go eat pizza with Billy Joel without thinking. I'd have some hesitation about eating pizza with Paul Simon, though I have more of his music.

The Nylon Curtain is a favorite album. I haven't listened to it all the way through since the 80s. The songs aren't all great, but even as a kid listening to it on cassette what was appealing was Billy Joel making an effort to stretch. "Goodnight Saigon" is a moving song. "Pressure", thinking about this right now, might have been inspired by Peter Gabriel. Especially the video. Oh shit. I may have to go on a walk after posting this.

"Allentown" is a hallmark song for Joel. Listening it today it's still pretty great, and he marvelously adds seven or eight syllables in the first word of "restlessness was handed down". He may STILL be in the studio in the middle of pronouncing "restlessness". I remember reading in Rolling Stone mentioning the people in Allentown, PA not caring for the song. That saga is interesting.

"We Didn't Start the Fire" is a horrible fucking song. Not a horrible song for fucking (that too), but on the all-time list of awful songs. Bottom five on my list. Baby boomer apologia. If reading the mention of the song compels you to listen to it, you got a Google or iTunes, go for it. I won't link to it. I love you way too goddamn much to be that conduit.

"You May Be Right" is a future karaoke song for me. Once done, I may expire fully content. Joel's performance below gets cut off before the finish. He is a major dorkus malorkus here, unclear whether he knows that or if he thinks he's being menacing. Whatever he's doing, he's OWNING it here, which deserves RESPECT, you mook, and you may laugh when you start viewing this, but when it ends abruptly you will feel blueballed/ovaried!