Nike+ helps me CRUSH IT (can it spritz Axe Body Spray?)

I got this new Nike+ getup, a GPS watch to track my workouts (where I go, how fast, elevation, gotta know how I'm rockin' and gotta share it later) that works with a sensor in my shoe. If the GPS signal is lost, it can track the speed and distance with the shoe sensor 'fo (short for "info"). Shoe sensor is the GPS watch's boo.

I get back from doing my thing, plug the watch in to upload my workouts. I can Facebook it, I can Twitter it. Nike+ even gives me default Twitter text to brag to the world how I do it, player. Check it: "I crushed a XXmi run with a pace of XX'XX" with Nike+ SportWatch GPS. #nikeplus"

COOL! My auto-tweets back me up to testify that these feats matter, they are braggable. Solid. I do, indeed, crush it.

This is structured for running, I use it for walking. So, is boasting about a 20 minute mile something that will get me into the Olympics? Ha ha, you. No. For real, it shows I've got stamina. Ladies like that. I'm not a short burst kind of guy (unless you want me to be, let me know!).

So this stuff is from my SECOND walk today. People with strollers were all "Where'd that blast of wind come from?" 'cuz I'm a walkin' BLUR.

Me: "I'm lettin' y'all know when that crosswalk light changes I am GONE, 'cuz I CRUSH. IT. Every. Time." The old people always applaud when I do that. Good to feel loved by my fellow citizens. Making a mental note to be that cool when I'm their age, like, 90 years from now. Watch the video!

Impressed, right? So I went different speeds, and even different elevations. That's how I roll. And I did this TWICE. Once to get where I was going, then again on the way back.

All the way, got my groove on. A couple of podcasts. Then after a bunch of thoughts I went to tunes. Really digging Train's "Drive By" and "50 Ways". So good. And I listened to "Hero" by Nickelback, like, ten times in a row. Such a great song about Spiderman.

Now, if there were a button combo on this watch that would emit a on-the-go refresh of Axe Body Spray, I'd be good-to-go all the time.

Wish I had some Zima at my home (come back, 1995!) so instead I flavored up some vodka as a little pick-me-up reward. Got anything going on tonight? Text me and we'll meet up and get this town going, G!