So, now you're nine.

We hoped for a girl, and were glad when the scanner showed you were a girl.

Your head was so big (sorry for that trait) they needed a suction cup on a stick to get you out of your mother's belly.

But it was soon clear that your head holds much brains. Enough to feed a village of zombies and still maybe, their bellies stuffed, they'd let you walk home. Though maybe math and spelling would be harder for you afterward.

We asked you to stop saying "I know" so often, and you pretty much stopped. Thank you. Will you find something else to saucily say down the line? Indubitably!

When I see your smile crammed with many teeth (sorry for that trait, we'll get it sorted over a few years) it makes my heart happy.

And when I see you take on more grown-up gestures, like saying "Yeah." with a wave of your hand while running off to do what you want, or you hold a pointy finger up to the sky to make the other person listen to you, it's a look into your future. And that future looks good.

It looks like your present, full of smart, creative, caring, sassy friends. And a family who is watching you grow up, and giving you more space, and letting you help more, and listening to what you have to say because it is often very interesting.

We love you, our smart, creative, caring, sassy daughter. And are happy to see you get taller, funnier, sillier, and very very nine years old.