"3 Second Rule": DIY control-freak doomed-relationship anti-music

This is terrific. Whatever is the opposite of AutoTune (AntiTune?) this uses it.

While not astonishingly attractive, there is something to admire about the confidence she has. Make me a hot teacher! Give me a class full of white-shirted cowboys preoccupied with dancing and looking away from me, the one woman around! That edginess gives her a bonus +2 points on the hottie scale.

She has difficulty standing upright, or walking in a straight line. Am left to guess that she has recovered from some trauma that gave her the gumption to fulfill a 20, 30 year-long dream to star in a music video. Bully for her! Don't dream it, BE it!

-3 points for controlling behavior, allowing for three seconds of a wandering eye and then, snap to attention, buster! Contemplate me and my odd fashion choices!

Actually, three seconds is more generous than some who would allow NO visual meandering. Maybe a sense of ovary competition gets her going. "Three seconds of looking at another woman, then I'm taking you HOME and will order you to do what I want." Maybe her album features tracks detailing what she demands in recompense for the three seconds her man's gaze strayed. Each second he stared leads to ten minutes complying with her demands. I'd listen to those songs, would probably stay away from those videos.

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