Stop recruiting my children to your succulent chicken-eating lifestyle.

If you CHOOSE to eat chicken, do it in private. But stop putting your chicken-eating in my face all the time. And don't, in any way, try to lure MY CHILDREN into your lifestyle.

Anytime there's a restaurant scene on t.v. or in the movies, I have to shield my children's eyes. Didn't have to worry about that only a few years ago. Now HOLLYWOOD makes it seem like choosing to eat chicken is an entirely natural thing that doesn't bring the wrath of vengeance upon us all. It totally does! Did Hurricane Katrina happen in a non-chicken-eating country? Case closed.

Nothing angers me more than when a leader I voted for or gave money to for his moral stance on not letting chicken-eaters marry or teach ends up getting caught eating turducken. Happens too often to count.

Our nation's morals and marriages are in the toilet. Stop eating chicken. Stop trying to get my kids to eat chicken. Back off. Eat more cows. They have got it coming. Book of Angus 4:21 "Consume not the flesh of fowl, for it is effeminancy and an abomination."

And enough with the chicken pride parades. Do that stuff at home (at the peril of your immortal soul) but get your plumage and clucking off MY streets that MY tax dollars pay for.