Snapshots of "Paparazzi"

Driving with the kids for about two hours today, we listened to Lady Gaga and Adele. Putting them on means the kids keep the headphones off. We shifted to 'West Side Story' in the last 20 minutes.

"Paparazzi" came on, and I visualized (while still driving safely) the three moments in the video I like the most.

1.) Malady-afflicted celebrity bravely and stylishly taking to the red (okay, lavender) carpet on crutches (2:54 mark):

2.) The Mickey Mouse ensemble with plastic/wax lips she has when poisoning her attempted murderer (5:45 mark):

3.) Dishevelled sass when getting her mugshots at the police station (7:16 mark):

The full video for your convenience (all about saving you the keystrokes in a search engine):