Writing sample, pt. 1

A sample from my writing project. A main character contemplates an uhappily deposed ruler being reincarnated. As a non sequitur, including a screenshot of accounts recommended as "Similar to God" by Twitter ("God" is a Twitter account I follow):

Some of his greatness could become part of a squirrel or wolf, who for some minute reason would be the mightiest and most ambitious of its group. Commanding respect. He would find that novelty and form of reward more gratifying than the restoration of wearisome familiarity held by again holding dominion over all who beheld him. A piece of him would be content in its element, satisfied with a day’s achievement having strived for only things within its grasp. A felled deer for the pack. A stash of tree nuts and acquisition. Maintenance and cooperation with a mate. Even if the day was not perfect, the next held promise for sufficient status and shelter and nourishment. He would feel full and not lost, not like a log with its center rotted out and coated with a sap always on fire with no remedy for the crackling and burning that he took with him everywhere.