Oprah & Starbucks and business with "soul".

Logging into a Starbucks WiFi presented this ad of Oprah with Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz talking about a "Business with Soul". I know what they mean (probably "still liking humanity at the end of the shift" and "nourishing" used in a slightly retch-worthy way) , and I guess "soul" shouldn't be such a culturally-laden word. But as a child of the 70s, to me this evokes Don Cornelius wishing viewers "Peace, love. and soul." on Soul Train and an entire genre of music with deep feeling. And, to be honest, "Funk Soul Brother" by Fatboy Slim. It does not evoke Starbucks' couture, maybe simply milieu, of various shades of brown and a single shade of green and the sense that the more imported something is the better.