Reading "Who goes with Fergus?"

Toward the end of April (National Poetry Month) I decided to try reading a poem aloud myself as a post. This gave a chance to see how a new video editor program, external microphone, tripod, and DSLR camera all work together. Normally I just use a smartphone or camcorder. Turns out a tight close-up is very tough to do slowly by hand. Hope this amuses.

I previously posted about William Butler Yeats' "Who goes with Fergus?", and nowadays I don't think it rates in my top 10 of Yeats poems. But I had a visual of tying this poem to a slow zoom-in. Sometimes you got to get the vision out rather than step back and worry about whether it's representative of a personal state of mind.

I thought of imitating Yeats' voice with a deeper, quavering, shamanistic chant and Irish inflection. Confidence is solid that I could bring it off, but thought saving that for later would be best.