Nike+ is for players, only. And other people.

Six months with Nike+, accruing points on an almost daily basis. Building a history, and a sense of accomplishment. What do the points mean? Still no idea. But still I get a frisson of having done something with my time, something that carries over from one day to the next.

Whether reaching my goal of 3,000 Nike+ Fuel Points a day, or if they were instead 17 Horfenblurts, it would still lead to a strut. 17 Horfenblurts to add to the 15 the day before, and if I'm really active I may escalate to 20 Horfenblurts tomorrow. If feeling charged up, maybe 150 Horfenblurts this week! That how I DO IT, son!

Even posting the screenshot above of my highest overall day, that had a 20K run in the middle of it, gives a little thrill. What is it in our nature that does that?