Christian Mingle ad over/underpromises?

This ad from Christian Mingle popped up on my Facebook logout screen. It sells the presumed desired final result (marriage, HUGE photo) more than the process of being a couple in courtship, dreamily cast in softened light (teeny photo). Not sure how the magical Facebook targeted ads ended up serving this up to me, heathen, it's a demographic #FAIL.

Two elements are troubling:

1.) The registered trademark slogan "Find God's Match for You". How will couples work things out if both of them think an omniscient power has tethered them together? Okay, that's most marriages, but won't that sales pitch work into any future disagreements? "We have to do THIS thing, not YOUR thing because, ehm. the LORD has willed it."

2.) Jim in this photo may not be 100% behind what's going on. Lovely as they both are, his attention seems off ...