Being the hottest bitch in this place

I knew Alan Thicke's kid was a singer. Hadn't heard any song by him before (or at least connected any song with him). His photo would show up here and there, then his name. I'd think "Ah. Alan Thicke's kid. Bet that's a steep climb, or a career boost. Whatever. Looks like a dullard. Like an even-blander Enrique Iglesias." 

This week, I discovered the name of that song I've heard 300 times this summer ("Blurred Lines)", and that it was Alan Thicke singing it. Great production. Not surprised Pharrell is involved.  The video is causing a stir, due to the presence of naked female models (let's all of us clothed primates gasp in horror). Even so, only Pharrell and T.I. come across like the only humans within worth hanging out with. Even better, though, is the parody video. Unfortunately, getting many of the jokes in the parody require seeing the original. Here you go [Not Safe For Work unless you work someplace awesome]:

The funnier, more personality-driven parody by Mod Carousel that swaps the genders:

Bet the group in the parody video had more fun than the pretend-fun in the first video.