What rhymes with "hug me"? Let's help Robin Thicke (UPDATED)

The Robin Thicke song-of-the-summer "Blurred Lines" asked, with practiced super-produced fake-spontaneous laugh, "What rhymes with 'hug me'?".  Let's give it a whirl...

#Thicke. Get it? It's a boast, and HIS NAME! Lol. 

To start, here's the clothed video to the song. I've linked to the "unrated" version in another post, but don't want to shock people unfamiliar with the concept that we higher primates are attracted to attractive, naked members of our same species. The key lines at 1:33: "I feel so lucky. / You wanna hug me? / What rhymes with 'hug me'? / Hey-ey-ey-ey."

Going straight through the alphabet with single-letter replacements we get: 

You wanna bug me.
You wanna dug me.
You wanna fug me. ("fug", adjective, a stuffy or malodorous emanation)
You wanna jug me.
You wanna lug me.
You wanna mug me.
You wanna pug me.
You wanna rug me.
You wanna sug me. ("sug", verb, to Sell Under the Guise of conducting market research)
You wanna tug me.
You wanna vug me. ("vug", noun, a cavity in rock with mineral crystals)
You wanna zug me. ("Zug", noun, a German-speaking canton in Switzerland)

Some of these clearly won't work and/or are bad grammar. Some work marvelously. Other possible choices, especially if sung at a quickened pace to stay within the measure: 

You wanna chug-a-lug me.
Bella Abzug and me.
It's 'A Bug's Life' we'll see.
This tastes nougat-y. 

I've got to go catch up on some recorded television, but your suggestions are heartily welcome here!

More ideas: 

You wanna thug me.
You wanna shrug me.
Let's do The Frug, G.
You look like Pugsly.
C'mon butt plug me.
Butt butt butt butt me.