My 'Jobs' the movie pre-review

I want to see this movie in Harlem so I can talk at the screen the whole time.

It's not impossible that Ashton Kutcher could do well in this role.  He has intelligence and savvy beneath his goofball persona. I don't trust screenwriters to get the technology and the personalities right. The trailer below does not inspire confidence:

They command you to put that colored dust on yourself before watching this movie. 

Josh Gad (the shlubby Elder Cunningham from Book of Mormon) plays Steve Wozniak. That casting looks bad. Wozniak is a person who has hardly aged the last 40 years. Why not have him play himself, and treat 'Jobs' as a weird fantasia? Make THAT movie, guys!

I've read many books about Jobs and Apple, went to the same college (Reed) that Jobs attended for only one or two semesters (I went for TWO years, thankuverymuch), and watched several documentaries about the days of the Homebrew Club and Xerox PARC and Apple and NeXT and Microsoft. Documentaries suit those stories, especially interviews with the people who were there.

How do you make compelling drama out of pear-shaped men anguishing over gadgets and doo-dads? Or, Athene help us, operating systems

How do you beat a clip like the real Jobs, below? He's talking in 1996 (Windows 95 had just been released), about a dozen years after getting kicked out of Apple for being an asshole by CEO John Sculley. Jobs is still more than a year away from working his way back into Apple, but he can't help himself from getting an important dig into Microsoft. I watch this clip a few times a year and LOVE it long time: