Adele - girls sing strong, shove dudes aside

Girls in school seem to have taken on singing songs with great gusto. Tunefulness doesn't really matter. That's fine. And it's a welcome change from singing like kittens, ring tones, or kewpie dolls. And it's MUCH better from the decade-long tradition of most female vocalists relying on a male vocalist/rapper to cover the bridge or lend unhelpful "Yeah!" and "Uh-hunh" and "Worldwide!" while the female vocalist carries the heavy load. I hate that. Hated it. Hate it. Will continue to hate.

I understand the marketing aspects. These ["w/ ..."] and ["feat. ..."] songs appeal to gals and dude demographics. I'm asking the music industry: when the lady has a story to tell, if it's not a conversation/duet with a dude, tell the dude to GTFO and let the lady do her thing.

Also, get rid of AutoTune. It sucks. In a soft moment I bought a post-Christmas discounted CD of Michael Bublé's Christmas album, only to discover the songs had been soured by AutoTune. Just, stop it! And fuck you, producer David Foster, for your decades of purveying of cynical pap.

Hope young women continue to emulate strong singers like Adele. We don't want them accustomed to sing two thirds of a song and then wait awkwardly for a man to chime in.