Eager for a gathering on a sad occasion

This Friday night I'll be meeting with friends, some of whom I haven't seen in person in decades. That will be good and am looking forward to it.

Facebook will be a boon in that we have had opportunities to have some slight updates on how our respective lives have been going. We won't have to start from scratch, and can even have some "What the HECK was going on with that POST?" conversations. They're all good people. It will be a good time.

The occasion is sad. The death of a mutual friend, S. Some of us hadn't spoken with her for almost twenty years. Others saw her just a few weeks ago on her birthday. On Saturday, the lot of us will be attending a Catholic memorial service for S. We may be hanging out some more afterward.

Other than the memorial, we will be amusing. We will be somber and reflective. We'll be assessing our own lives as we get updates and ask questions of each other. My guess is that as our extended circle is now smaller by one person, our remaining connections will grow a bit stronger and deeper. We'll be the better for it.