Gore Vidal on writing & moral judgment

While on a plane, I watched an old CSPAN-2 Book TV episode of "In Depth" with Gore Vidal. It's three hours, and I've watched it several times. Many layers of "nerrrrrd" to unpack, but do not be fooled - the amount of pop culture junk food I binge on would destroy the liver and kidneys of a typical person.

His statement in this excerpt struck me, as I'd been on a fiction writing jag that's probably not for public consumption, a spin off from my main project very much about creatively processing some ideas rolling around trying to figure out where my thoughts are:

"Generally, I find one writes to find out what one thinks. I find that if I don't write, I don't think. I just sensate."

As posted before, I am worried about Vidal dying soon. His interview above was 11 years ago.