Weiner "sex addict"? Feh!

On the radio, a liberal talkshow host starting talking prudishly/compassionately/condescendingly about Mark Weiner having a "sex addiction" for having tweeted some photos showing off his plumage/prowess/power in a cyber mating display.

His main mistake with PR is ignoring the fundamental rule of them with scandal management: full disclosure, right away. Otherwise the news cycle gets extended as details leak out, and the coverage becomes about the coverup, not the initial transgression(s).

Ya know, we're all primates. We all do undignfied things every day. Like, say, poop. We're not a classy species. No big deal.

As long as Weiner didn't harm anybody, he'll get through. People love pecadilloes. Heck, they've shown time and again they find such behavior adorable. Shows that leaders are just like them. Weiner will get re-elected, no problem.

What is irritating is the media wringing its hands like the moral arbiters of the country. Not necessary.