Behind the times, catching up on celeb self-porn

I'm about 3 weeks behind the rest of the world in discovering that nude/private cell phone pics of Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn were "leaked" on the internet. Of course, my first impulse with a nearby internet device was to engage with you in deep reflection.

2-3 years ago I used to read daily and kept current on all the good and bad choices celebrities were making. Perez was funnier then, with his coarse white pen making dribbles of this or that fluid on celebrities. He then shifted to being buddies with celebs, and took a nicer tone which helped with getting in-depth exclusives but got rid of his scrappy humor. And the ads, ugh.

So I don't check it now and rely more on cultural osmosis than a single source.

Are these photos taken by the starlets and leaked on purpose? It's human nature to want to show what we got. And to have someone broadly desired and glamorous send something solely to YOU must be a thrill to receive (and to send) but...

Isn't it not so much IF a starlet's personal nude photos get leaked but WHEN? They are alluring/comical, but many times the photos also convey a personality with more range than what the starlet is known for. Like an audition.

Dude actors don't seem to have this PR problem (opportunity?), dude athletes do, tho'. Okay, male politicians do, too.