Shakira 'Rabiosa'

Caught this video, thought "Who's the brunette? She's kind of cute." Saw the in the opening title it was Shakira. Thought "Still kind of cute, I mourn that magnificent mane she whips around."

It is unlikely I will buy a Shakira record. Many years ago I complained her songs regularly mashed 3-7 genres, which induced disorientation and groove whiplash.


From the start I have admired her self-possession. In her videos she seems aware and in control at all times. That is hot.

About five years ago at a then-annual "Man's Weekend" with high school friends, my buddy J, knowing I prattled on and on imitating Shakira's hiccupy songs and dissecting them, rented a Shakira concert video. We watched it while playing some game (or maybe porn on an adjacent tv?) but I kept looking at the Shakira concert video in preference over whatever we were collectively doing.

"Look at that!" I would marvel. Shakira working the crowd, hard, and they were LOVING it. She was strong. We may have even had the sound off.

A confident woman directing the music, the crowd, the staging, deploying every wiggle and look into the audience knowing their effects. That was wicked hot. My buddy J, an accomplished drummer and showman, also marveled at her showmanship. So very different than the current gaggle of ditzes who walk as if they are in shoes for the first time ever.

And, oh lord, those hips.

Then shortly into this video, Shakira's dirty blonde mane was revealed still in tact. And all was right again.

BTW, I've seen her in her presumably natural brunette hair. When long, it still totally works.