TED Talks: a little precious

TED Talks are downloaded to my TiVo. I'm getting increasingly likely to delete with a scoff an episode based on the title, and even resistant to watching a whole episode I do choose to start. Viewing what I do has made me stronger, as I HATE flesh-ish colored foam covers on microphone headsets. Is that a floating tumor? A morsel of food? Hey, don't think you can FOOL me, I KNOW you're wearing a microphone!


Giving a TED Talk must feel like a big deal. No idea what the criteria are, why they are filmed in different towns. Does every city have a giant "TED" prop to drop on a stage any time someone feels profundity coming on? TED Talks feel rehearsed and precious.

Though this has to do with ladies' fashion (not a topic I ever seek out), I watched this one all the way through. It was short:

The "Golly, I'm thrifty, but also paid money for wear-once clothing and then donated it back to make a point to you all" is charming on the surface, but the overall concept absurd. And the vibe of "dig my life" was a bit much. I was also distracted by "What kind of home life does she have?"