Tattoo coordinates

A few times I've mulled over getting a tattoo. But any symbol with importance in my life would have proved an embarrassment to me later in life. Thus, so far, I've laid off getting one.

While attending 'Trek in the Park' a woman sitting in front of me SO SIGNIFIED three places on earth that she got the geo coordinates tattooed on her upper back. This photo I snapped only got the top two. I did not record the third location.

The first set of coordinates led to the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona.

The second set led to this spot in Eugene, Oregon. Can't tell a specific building other than it's in the middle of a street and near Pella Windows & Doors, Eugene Water & Electric Board (a publicly-held utility that's run really well), and the Good Times Bar & Grill. All of them quite a distance from this spot, so none of them seem tied to the specific coordinates.

So, took the photo, took the time more than a month later to look it up, and then was bored by the result. Sorry. Unless YOU have a guess as to what's going on. Maybe next summer when I see her around I'll ask her about her apparently humdrum life and the significance of these spots. Maybe the THIRD set of coordinates is the essential component to this gigantic puzzle. A treasure map? Oh, crap. Now I won't be able to sleep!