I am the zombie Tupac "hologram" from Coachella

Sorry to disappoint everybody, but the "hologram" of Tupac that appeared in Coachella was me in body paint. Anybody notice how undead Tupac was almost as tall as Snoop Dogg? 'Cause I'm 6' 2".

I kept stepping around thinking, they're gonna know this was a put-on, right? But people didn't seem to laugh. They seemed happy. Looked to Snoop over and over to tell the crowd I was just playing at being Tupac, and Snoop gave me a look like: "Nope."

There's talk about taking this on the road, but it's not possible. Daytime and family obligations make touring impractical. Also, the body paint gave me a rash. At least someone got it on video, though!

Always enjoy your gangsta party! Thug life!