Forecasting teen steam

Oldest turned 11 today. Both kids are old and lanky enough for glimpses into how they'll be as teenagers. Neurologically, the ability to feel empathy is at its lowest during adolescence. We all know and have lived THAT.

For years, I've joked that we take photos of our spawn NOW so we have something to harken back to and browse through while we're worriedly hold vigil for their teen years late night / early morning returns. But, specifically, how horrible wil it be? Will it be mild? I look at my kids both in the moment and anticipate how I will regard the moment in the future. Trying to remember things as I will be remembering them...

What THING am I doing now that will become THAT THING they complain about to friends - on the phone or texting or chat rooms (holograms?) or in hangouts engaged in some activity they're not supposed to be doing that will be rightfully mundane once they become of age and it is no longer illicit?

[Spawn] "Yeah, my dad totally did THAT THING again."

[Peer] "What a drag, slick. Forget about that. Now let's [insert proposal of resuming/initiating forbidden behavior]."

Best guess of THAT THING: critique/analysis of their pop culture consumption.