I will be Ashley Judd's Karl Rove against Karl Rove

Since Karl Rove flushed away $400 million of plutocrat money through his shitty SuperPAC with a 1% success rate, he's desperate for relevance. So he's dedicating his time, like a good Republican politico, by picking on a woman and an imaginary issue at the same time.

His shitty SuperPAC (will be repeating this key phrase thrice for rhetorical stickiness) American Crossroads has funded a t.v. ad attacking actress Ashley Judd, who allegedly has something to someone somewhere she MAY consider a run against turtle Mitch McConnell for his Senate seat in Kentucky. Why run an attack ad against an entirely speculative candidate? She's a smart, pretty lady that's easy for dying angry toad men to croak at.

Reminiscent of the weirdly envious "Celebrity" ad run by the resentful McCain/Palin campaign that Obama was TOO popular, and his resonance with the people was a failing. A jiujitsu marvel! Hey, Amuhrican voter, why vote for the popular person? Vote instead for the loathsome person, like you!

For the record, many people who served with McCain said he was a bad pilot, petulant, entitled, and crashed planes unneccesarily.

If Judd responds to the ad or to Rove directly? Then her candidacy becomes a thing, and the need for their ad push is vindicated. If she does NOT run, they can claim victory that they daunted her. Rove has promised more attacks on Judd, because ... why not? Rove loves to manufacture issues and battle them in an effort to gain applause and merit his existence. It's a distraction for the plutocrats who otherwise would look at the hundreds of millions they've given Rove's shitty SuperPAC and wonder what the hell he's done with the money.

L-R: Not me (but could be), Ashley JuddI hereby offer my help to Ms. Judd to push back against Karl Rove. It would be very easy to get a little video going that presents Rove as a class warfare radical: "Karl Rove, a former salesman who used to at least return fear and lies on your investment. Now Rove only takes money from the old and American-ish businesses and offers empty promises and losses in return. [Insert footage of Rove counting wads of cash] Who's the real radical? A pleasant, downhome actress who at least has a real job, or a bolshevik stealing your hard-earned capital? Tell Karl Rove to go away. Or throw a pie in his face and tell him to go back to Russia."