A weird trick for free testosterone. Thanks? Maybe?

Scrolling up and down this blog lately, there's a recurring theme of Facebook ads and potency/performance copulating/dating issues. Yet this is another ad Facebook served up that squicks me out. 

"Why men need more free testosterone" 

Not sure that's the lesson of world history in the West. Although many of our military adventures and empire-building MAY be based on older men needing to prove their studliness despite waning biochemistry. Free testosterone may help take the edge off there. But DO go on, ad... 

"Free Testosterone Boost" 

Administered how? Given those terrifying "Low T" ads marketed to men express mere physical contact with people who take their medicines may induce birth defects and cause early onset puberty to children, there's a strong chance a shoddily administered boost of testosterone may require complete human exile. Or maybe you could join The Avengers as new superhero 'Rone Hulk?

The ad has my attention, along with a woman who may have traveled from 1966 (a former model for Swiss Miss?)  and looks vaguely aware of my presence and ready/worried. She's ill-dressed for wilderness exploration.

"Researchers in Boston have found a natural way to boost testosterone."

Good for science! Wonder if the same researchers have done the same for estrogen and androgen. Wonder what Estrogen Hulk would look like. 

"Try this weird trick and take your performance to the next level."

Uhm, no. I'm willing to WATCH these researchers demonstrate this "weird trick" while I stand in safety behind bullet-proof glass. Otherwise, no. Thanks Facebook ad. And I hope that lady gets indoors before it turns cold. 

Testosterone Hulk enjoys life with more vigor. You can too!