'Hugo', musicals, summing up Christ, James Joyce

Went with the family to watch Hugo, a movie we all enjoyed. Nice to watch a kids film that didn't feel obliged to make rapid fire jokes with pop cultural references to get an easy laugh of recognition without requiring any wit (HATE that!). Hugo is about art, cinema (ekphrasis alert!), orphans, inspiration. As portrayed in the film, all Parisians have British accents. Good to know! Will British ribbing of the French ever cease? Sascha Baron Cohen does a good job as a demi-villain, too. Oscar nomination for Best Picture seems likely.

Although, for less than a second, during a tumult in a Paris train station, JAMES JOYCE makes an appearance in a café! For this dormant Joycean, a pleasing touch.

On the way back home in the car, the kids insisted on listening to The Book of Mormon soundtrack. I am very proud when they start singing along. I skipped playing the song "Hasa Diga Ebowai" which has lyrics like "Fuck you god, in the ass, mouth, and cunt. Fuck you in the eye." (with a bouncy melody!). They asked why I skipped it (which they've heard before).

My 11 y/o son: "Is it because of the bad words?" I said: "Yes, and it's because your Mom is in the car and I don't want to shock her." That turned into a sarcastic flurry with me asking the kids in the back seat things like: "So, you're telling me you kids continue to make good decisions about what words to use, and when, and don't feel the need to say dirty words at every single opportunity?" When the joshing subsided, I STILL did not play the song. In role modeling that authority often involves erratic rules, my children are learning important life lessons.

We DID listen to the song "Man Up", which has the line "Christ, he manned up." Son asked what that was about. After a few seconds to compose my thoughts, I summarized the story of Jesus Christ's passion, the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension in neutral language in about a minute and a half! Yes, I am bragging about that, have EARNED it, and...