'Trek' spoilers: lens flares, machines go BWAAAAMP

Second trailer for the upcoming Star Trek movie is out. Lots of speculation Benedict Cummerbundsnatchenhosen will be playing Khan. I hope not. Hope this tells an original story.

I liked the first movie. It was clever and inspired, giving itself a lot of license to veer into new directions. Lens flares all over. Looks like they'll be in the sequel, too. Too many lens flares to count in the theater. SPOILER: someone, eventually, will post online the total number of lens flares.

And that metallic "BWAAAAMP" that happens in every action trailer nowadays. It's a cliché. Especially with footage of people's bodies being knocked around by stronger forces, or feeling "Uh oh." The new cliché of trailers that have voiceovers that say "beyond imagination" or "In a world...". What is it about a house-sized rattling tuba fart noise that makes us think "Yeah, shit's about to get real. Better see THIS movie."? Machine-phobia? Whatever. Stop using it, Hollywood. PFFFFT.