Ooooh... on the TLC VH-1 docudrama tip

Not the real TLC, but they play them on TV. 

Not the real TLC, but they play them on TV. 

I loved, loved, LOVED TLC and eagerly watched the CORNY VH-1 docudrama "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story" that came out this year. 

How corny is it? Within 60 seconds T-Boz and Left Eye get signed at LaFace Records, step out from the LaFace building and go to the phone booth where Left Eye calls her dad to share the good news. Left Eye immediately learns that her dad has been shot and killed. The next shot is Left Eye drinking her pain away from a brown paper bag.  It starts at the 8:35 mark.

No, really, HOW CORNY IS IT? So corny that Pebbles is setup as the main villain. You know, Pebbles who had the hit with "Mercedes Boy"? She's married to L.A. Reid, co-owner of LaFace Records and auditioned, formed, then signed TLC and proceeded to pretty much take all their money for the first tens of millions of albums and massive tours. That's not the corniest part. The corniest part is when she nods in commiseration at T-Boz and Chilli at the funeral for Left Eye. All is forgiven!

The performances are good, the recreations of the videos are really impressive. And if you ever want to see Atlanta Falcons' Andre Rison wear a HUGE white fur coat while picking up on Left Eye THIS IS YOUR TIME! Your dream = manifested!

Watch the whole thing below: