My dead dog doggerel - "Who goes with Argus?"

I hate the grim calculations and budgeting that comes with an ailing pet - slim and expensive chances to maintain that pet's health but that may also increase its distress to no benefit. I hate, once euthanasia is done, how it changes the rhythms and routines of the home, even if it means less clean-up. I hate knowing if I killed my own meat for food I'd still be sad at times like these, but more pragmatic.

Due to her bladder cancer, diminishing energy, and messy external symptoms - I euthanized our dog of 14 and a half years this afternoon. I got her a cheeseburger for lunch today (Burgerville), because, fuck it.

Who goes with Argus?

You are now a fuzzy hide over meat.
You used to be a wheezing farting bag
Of love and company and eating and shame
And delight.
Now inert. No, gone.
You are only in our memories.
We are no longer in yours.